• 16th Apr '18

    Why a Villa Holiday Could Be Perfect for You

    Some people like to play it safe when it comes to holidays. They prefer to stick with what they know, which for many, means staying in a hotel. However, this could mean that they are blissfully unaware of all of the fantastic benefits that come with staying in a villa. We want more and more people to learn about villa holidays, and why they could be perfect for them.


    So, we’ve listed some of our favourite things about staying in a villa, and we hope you find it useful!


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  • 15th Mar '18

    6 Must See Picturesque Spots in Lanzarote

    Wondering what to do or where to go when you visit Lanzarote? There are so many beautiful things to see on the island, and some breathtaking views that you really don’t want to miss. The most popular destinations, are of course, some of the beautiful beaches located around the island. To give you a few ideas of some must see spots on your visit to Lanzarote, we’ve listed a bunch of the places where you can relax and enjoy the scenery around you.


    Playa Blanca


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  • 15th Feb '18

    Why Pick a Villa Over a Hotel

    When it comes to holidays, staying in a villa or hotel is all down to personal preference. However, a lot of people tend to stick to what they know, and so choose the same thing every time. Perhaps you’ve never stayed in a villa before - why not try something different?! It could open your eyes to a whole different type of holiday, and we’re here to give you some of the best reasons why villa holidays could be suited to you.


    The more the merrier!


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